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A unique restaurant and retail outlet serving Lebanese Cuisine since 2001

Who we are

Connoisseurs of authentic Lebanese cuisine

Wafi Gourmet has earned its reputation as the city’s leading Lebanese restaurant. A unique restaurant and retail outlet, Wafi Gourmet is enriched with pure Lebanon-originated products, specific in quality, taste and appearance.Connoisseurs of authentic Lebanese cuisine will find it difficult to ignore the many mouthwatering temptations that we are famous for.

Dining is not just about food, it is about a whole range of pleasurable experiences.

What we do

Our menu has been created to satisfy the tastes of everyone that craves delicious, fresh Arabic food made from the traditional cooking techniques of our grandmothers of Lebanon.
At Wafi Gourmet, the art of food preparation can be enjoyed by diners and visitors, creating a truly authentic experience whether you’re eating or gathering ingredients from the souq. Whether you are choosing from a selection of hot and cold beverages, a wide variety of mezze, kebabs, shawarma or fish dishes, our chefs invite you to experience some of the most authentic cooking techniques still used in Lebanon today.
Adding The Lebanese Touch to the outlet is what the entire concept is all about

The Lebanese touch

Lebanon, as acknowledged by most of the nearby and surrounding countries, is one place where Cool and Smooth weather unites with Cold Fresh Mountain Water. Such a combination between these two significantly yields to a proper agricultural background, whereby original Lebanese Fruits and Vegetables grow in their best states, with proper nurturing submitted by hard working peasants and farmers. The entire Lebanese Cuisine is entitled under Lebanese originated fruits and vegetables, and what adds to the unique taste, is the Freshness of the materials (Fruits and Vegetables), proper arrogation and proper Fragile Handling. The Lebanese taste follows from the latter’s cuisine; a very unique, yet easily acquired taste is what the entire Lebanese Tradition is all about. You’ve heard so many Lebanon-Related terms till the moment, but this is what differentiates Wafi Gourmet, in its core concept definition, to any other Retailer with regular Lebanese Products and any other Restaurant with a standardized Food items, whether from Lebanon or not.

Attaining a Lebanese Touch through-out Wafi Gourmet, isn’t a process to be easily leaped out and served. It starts from the products to be displayed, to the display manner itself, to the Quality, whether Fresh or not, whether handled with care or not, to the service in its various dimension. As long as Wafi Gourmet’s staff exploit what they learned from the Lebanese Background, and explore the know-how of the Lebanese service, this will by itself add a pure touch to the place. All what is left to fully expose Wafi Gourmet as a Lebanese Retail Outlet and Restaurant is the Design attained, which in itself adds the remaining significant part of the Lebanese Touch we are looking hereafter. The various products offered for every member of the Arab World are properly chosen, in compliance with a stated standard of Quality and Freshness, and that suits the Lebanese Taste every mentioned aspect. Otherwise, Wafi Gourmet could be easily compared, copied and competed with. An advantage should be there, enabling Wafi Gourmet to offer its customers what other outlets do not; whether from food items to retail products. Thus, maintaining a very unique and rare Lebanese Touch that could be significantly found within the Lebanese Spirit, and notably attained via the offered Quality and Display (Food/Retail). Attractive display narrows the case, as well as value added Quality. Retail Products are Lebanese home-made items; otherwise, imported directly from small Lebanese manufactories, where Quality is the case, to Wafi Gourmet.

Adding The Lebanese Touch to the outlet is what the entire concept is all about, and knowing what it signifies requires proper readings of the oriental cultural and a narrow study of the Lebanese Culture and Tradition. Wafi Gourmet is a Lebanese Outlet, so shall it be for the acquired Touch.


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